Friday, September 25, 2009

I am new to this type of communication. But it is very interesting. We can learn and share so much. It is always interesting for me to learn about new things.
A little while ago i pened a blog sent by Sowmya. She writes so beautifully. Very descriptive and poetic.Her encounter with the peacock was interesting. And the history notes also was good.
The intelligence showed by youngsters from the time theyn learn to tl is amzing. Yesterday when one of our friends came home and mentoned that his niece's daughter, three and half years old answered to a question of what she plans to do as she grew up, her answer was, " I am going to be interventional cardiologist." When we growing up we learnt what our mother especially, and the members ofthe family spoke. Today the knowledge explosion is so great the parents, especailly mothers use words that are definitely alien to persons like me. I see this in my grand son. My daughter so consciously & gently guides her son to new things, words etc. So, when my grandosn remembers and use those words it comes as a surprise for us. But one thing we must admit. These children pick up the words and use it in the approrpiate place and manner. That is amazing.
This is just the beginning of my blog. I am sure, whenever i find the time, will be able to share my 76 years of life, will be interewting and useful tothose who read this blog. Life is to learn and share.
My favourite motto in my life is to GIVING IS THE GREATES GIFT GOD HAS GIVEN.Unbelievable joy is the result when we give and that too without drum beating for the actiopn.
That's all for now.

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